5 Million Followers: How to Build a Massive Following for Content that Matters

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March 17-21 | $399 $249

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           A handful of years ago in 2014, I graduated college - ready to take on the world. A few months later I was making content full time and working at a ruthless pace grinding harder than I ever had in my life.


          But when I put my work online, I’d only get a few hundred views. I had so much fiery passion, motivation, and tons of stuff I wanted to say to the world - important stuff! But my work was getting almost zero attention or following.

          7 years later I still have the same passion, motivation, and even more powerful stories I want to share.


          But the difference is that now I can proudly say that the work I’ve done has reached hundreds of millions of eyeballs, has impacted culture at a scale I could have never expected, has led to collaborations with clients like Netflix/Google/UN/etc and has spearheaded the way to building a massive following of more than 5.5M+ humans worldwide. 

          So what’s the difference between the fresh college graduate me and 29 year old me? It isn’t the passion, dedication, or level of intelligence that makes the difference. It's not even about the level of hard work or desire to succeed that makes the difference.


          The difference lies in the kind of knowledge I had at each point of my life and how I made use of that knowledge. That's why I'm creating this live online training: to give you that knowledge to grow your own following for work that matters.

         The problem is that too many people create work to get mass attention and they sacrifice their authenticity and depth. On the flip side, too people making meaningful content have no idea how to engage broader audiences and their content isn't impactful or savvy.


          I've dedicated the past several years of my life to understanding how to create work that is both meaningful and impactful at scale - how to make stuff that truly matters and pierces through all the clutter.

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Every day on YouTube alone there’s more than 500 hours of new videos uploaded per minute.

It’s more important than ever that truly valuable content pierces through the fog.


          More than ever before, with the current state of the world, we need to create content and build followings for work that elevates authenticity, empathy, mission, intellect, consciousness, compassion, spirit, hope, wonder, joy, fun, and just plain ‘ole human goodness. Now is the time. There has never been a greater time when we need content that truly MATTERS.

          Having experienced a lot of mistakes, lessons, and insights in my journey to creating content for more than 1B+ views and 5.5M+ subscribers (with a high VTS!) in less than 3 years, I have ample principles, systems, stories, frameworks, and knowledge & information to share with you.


          On March 17-21, I’ll be leading a 5-day live online training bootcamp (limited to 150 seats) for content creators who are seeking to grow their following for content that matters. The price is $399 $249 for an all-in-one A-Z training bootcamp that includes the live trainings, video recordings of the trainings you can watch any time afterwards, interactive Q&A sessions with me, cheatsheets, frameworks/worksheets/exercises, additional follow-up Q&As with me, and meeting other like-minded creators in the training.

          Or if you prefer, for $369 $229 you can buy just the training recordings by themselves that will be available after the live trainings are over. 


          Simply click the enrollment button below. As a gesture of my guarantee, if the training doesn't add value to you, you can ask for a refund.


In a period of 5 days, I’ll teach you all the most important insights and lessons I've learned during the last 10 years.

Who this training is for:

  • Content creators, influencers, and filmmakers aiming to grow their following through meaningful video content

  • Aspirational content creators seeking insights and knowledge that will accelerate their creative trajectories and ability to create higher quality and more broadly impactful video content

  • Brands, entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits that are creating video content - seeking to scale their reach and grow their following without sacrificing mission, depth, and the quality of their relationship with their followers

  • Teachers, speakers, spiritual leaders, educators, and message oriented communicators of all types aiming to grow their following or reach a wider audience online with their filmed/video content

  • Any organizations or individuals creating film/video content seeking to build a robust following based on authentic, impactful work

The Curriculum

Day 1


How to reprogram your brain to think like an effective creator who creates impact at scale

  • Attracting success with greater ease through developing a sincere service-mindset

  • Letting go of self-limiting habits from school/society and carving out your own entrepreneurial path as a content creator

  • Learning to integrate the left & right brain, commerce & art, profitability & fulfilling work

  • Delivering greater results with less conscious effort through rewiring your subconscious mind

Day 2

Understanding the principles of human attention & how to choose a niche and deliver exceptional value to your following

  • How the attention economy works where it's headed in the future

  • The unwritten rules of content platforms and how to navigate them most effectively for growing your following

  • Identifying algorithm patterns and utilizing them to your advantage

  • Understanding the evolving way niches work to in order to grow your following

  • How to speak your audience’s language and deliver value that always exceeds their expectations


Day 3

How to create higher quality work that has a profound impact & how to capture deeper mental real estate in the brains of millions

  • How to develop a relationship with your following through video

  • Narrative structure and humanization principles to reel the audience in

  • Cultivating true fans that are hardcore supporters of your work

  • Understanding and creating evergreen content that keeps growing your following effortlessly over time

  • Making work that resonates with the hearts of the widest range of people possible

  • Principles of effective branding & branding frameworks to stand out of the crowd

  • Virality frameworks that create consistently high VTS

  • Principles for effective content structure for retaining your following's attention and commitment

  • Principles of serialized content and highly defensible IP to scale your work

  • Packaging: principles for creating the most effective thumbnails and titles to capture masses of new followers

  • How to consistently deliver striking creativity, novelty, and freshness to your following

Day 4

Building a robust community with your following & maximizing revenue and returns to grow your following further

  • Creating the bird's eye map of how your following-building funnel works

  • Building deeper engagement and loyalty with your true fans outside of your content

  • How to leverage your content to grow followers on multiple platforms

  • Principles of maximizing sales without losing your followers

  • Productize your sponsorship offerings to gain more revenue

  • Diversifying revenue streams to maximize cash flow

  • Understanding CPM to price your offerings properly

  • How to properly use data and KPIs like a human with a soul, not a machine - in order to create true impact and quality work


Day 5

A high level A-Z walkthrough of creating a piece of content and growing your following by integrating all of the modules above & most importantly, leading with authenticity and humanity to create a truly deep impact and powerful following to make the world a better place

Trust me, there's a lot more.

No upcoming events at the moment

What I'm bringing to the table:

  • More than 1,000,000,000 views and 5,000,000 subscribers gained in less than 3 years as the former Creative Lead for Jubilee Media

  • Creative direction for 20+ worldwide trending YouTube videos

  • 10+ years of insights from writing, directing, producing, editing video content

  • Work for world-class brands and figures such as Apple, NASA, Nike, Google, The New York Times, YouTube, Lang Lang, Lindsey Stirling, etc

  • Influencer of the Year nominee at the 2019 Unforgettable Gala

  • National Gold Award at the American Advertising Awards

  • Speaker at UC Berkeley, UCLA, Emory, New York University, Purdue, Vassar, University of Washington, University of Utah, and many more

  • A fervent passion for sharing my insights and knowledge with fellow humans seeking to make authentic, impactful work that matters

Questions and Answers

Can you give me a more detailed explanation of how this works?

I'll be accepting a maximum of 150 participants for a 5-day live online training bootcamp from March 17-21. Every day we'll meet at 2pm EST for 2-3hrs where I'll be teaching you live online via Zoom. There will be presentations by me, interactive portions, exercises, and opportunities to connect with like-minded others in the training.

How much is it?

For $249 (discounted from $399), you get the all-access ticket (limited to 150 seats): 5-day live online training, private FB group, Q&A sessions with me both during the training days and afterwards, recordings of all the trainings to watch any time anywhere, exercises and cheatsheets. For $229 (discounted from $369) you get just the recorded trainings after the training days are over. You will not have access to the live training, Q&A sessions, cheatsheets and exercises, or the private Facebook group. You will only get the recorded trainings after the training days are complete. The videos will be delivered to you online within 2 weeks after the training bootcamp is complete that you can watch any time anywhere.

Will you be teaching everything yourself?

Yep! I'll be teaching everything myself. I like to keep things pretty grounded and less formal. We'll have a fun time together!

Will there be Q&A?

For all-access ticket holders, every day after the main training there will be Q&A time.​ There will also be several opportunities after the training days for more live Q&A sessions with me as well. I will answer as many questions as I can and support everybody to the fullest extent possible. I encourage you to come in with specific questions and ideas related to your own work.

What if I have schedule conflicts?

All the training sessions will be recorded. So if you're unable to make any of the live trainings, you can watch any of the recordings any time you'd like after the training days are over.

How do I meet others who are taking the training?

For all-access ticket holders, I'll be creating a private Facebook group for us. You will also be able to meet each other during the live training sessions as well.

What if I want to cancel or I want a refund?

For all-access ticket holders, you can cancel up to 24hrs before the start of training. For refunds, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the training, please email me at ien@ienchi.com with at least a paragraph with a reasonable and specific explanation of why the training did not add any value for you and I will give you a refund.

Will you be doing this live online training again in the future?

Maybe. Currently, I have no planned dates for doing another live online training.

No upcoming events at the moment
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