Ditching School to Whistle


When I was a junior in college, I set out to compete in the International Whistling Competition - and make a documentary about it. This short film explores not only the fascinating people who converge once a year for this quirky event; but also tells the unexpectedly touching stories of people who discovered healing and therapy through what may be dismissed by many as silly: whistling. To date, this piece has garnered an unexpected 4.3M+ views on YouTube.

- Distributed on internationally by ShortsHD
- 2014: William and Mary Global Film Festival - Best Documentary and Audience Award
- 2014: George Lindsey UNA Film Festival - Best Student Film
- 2013: Josiah Media Festival - Best Documentary
- 2012: Greater Reading Film Festival - Best Student Film
- 2012: Beneath the Earth Film Festival - Best Picture and Best Director